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(that's me)

I'm an amateur artist and writer, mostly. I love making up characters and settings and plotlines. I'm pretty content with where I am skillwise, but I do aim to improve. I'll be able to make more stuff that way.

I like hobbies. I've got a handful already, like drawing, writing, and the odd bit of embroidery, but I've thought about taking on way more than that. Blacksmithing and bookbinding in particular have jumped out at me.

I'm not a very social critter. For years I've been content to just sit in my corner, which worked out for a while until the loneliness set in. So now I've gotta work on that.

At the minute, I'm listening to The Magnus Protocol and watching Dungeon Meshi as the episodes come out, which has been an absolute treat. I'm also a fan of independent animation (and just animation in general) as a whole.



This is the website belonging to Chavez. That's me, I'm Chavez.

At the moment, the whole site is being looked at and revamped. I wasn't entirely happy with how it was turning out, and I was a little stressed about it because there are more eyes on this site than I'm used to. That's not to say I don't appreciate the attention, it just makes me nervous.

Everything will be put back online eventually! I'm just wanting to take my time, because previously I wasn't being very patient with myself and I feel like it was showing.


I took a class on web design in my junior year of high school, and I really enjoyed it! I loved learning HTML and doing my assignments and making my silly little web pages. In the second semester, we switched to Wix to make our websites, which I didn't love. Everyone else was happy we didn't have to do HTML anymore, but HTML was my favorite part of the class! My grades took a bit of a down turn after that switch, I must be honest.

But I want to get back into doing what I love, and one of the things I love is this; typing away on my keyboard and building my silly web pages. I am admittedly a bit rusty in my HTML skills, but I'm sure I'll pick it back up in no time at all.


I plan to work on this website for a long time, so it's nowhere near its final form at the moment. It'll change over time as my vision for it changes.

The main purpose of the site is for me to have something big to work on without any time limits or requirements. This isn't anything I'm being graded on or trying to sell to anybody, it just is. I find myself having to remind myself of this every so often.


May 9, 2024

Changed my Muse file names to be a bit easier to keep track of. Big deal for me!

May 2, 2024

Added an OCs page! This is a little more elegant than adding a page for every single story. I might still make full pages for some of them, but we shall see.

April 17, 2024

Yet another page rehaul! LOL. This time I'm gonna try rehauling the whole website, because I feel like it's gotten away from me a little bit. Hopefully when I'm done, it'll look a lot better than it did previously.

March 24, 2024

Added a little doodle spot to the front page! I thought it was looking a little boring since the rehaul so now there's a spot for me to put doodles! Still working on a handful of pages which aren't ready yet.

March 7, 2024

Rehauling the page once more! I got tired of it again. Also starting a proper update log after three months of not having one.

The page doesn't look amazing at the moment, but once I've got time to draw up some fun graphics for it, it'll all come together.